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Here at Pan's Devil Horns we focus on one thing - bringing you the highest quality, easiest to use, most versatile and widest range of styles of Costume Devil Horns in the world. Whether you're looking for devil horns, costume horns, custom horns, satyr horns, horn images, costuming, realistic, glue on, string on, adhesive, medical, prosthetic, rock, goth, industrial, fetish or LARP horns, we have them. If we don't, we'll make it.

Unlike other costuming sites that may sell some devil horns, Devil Horns are our specialty! We know more about costume devil horns than anyone and we want to help you find the perfect devil horns for you! If you can't find the perfect shape and color of devil horns in our Off-The-Rack selection of over 35 styles, you can customize them yourself or visit our custom page where you can have horns made to order from our available selection of shapes, base colors, tint colors and glitter.


Founder, Designer and Head Devil - Jonathan C. Hyman (a.k.a. PAN)Founder, Designer and Head Devil - Jonathan C. Hyman (a.k.a. PAN) founded Pan's House of Horns in 1998, hand-sculpting the prototypes for the first horns in his living room and producing custom pairs for his friends and business associates. Jonathan soon discovered an unforeseen demand for his horns and a major lack of variety of horns in the marketplace. Not only were the devil horns available through the major manufacturers lacking in style, they were hard to use, messy and did not look very realistic. After a great deal of research and experimentation, Jonathan came up with a horn attachment technique that was easy to use, comfortable to wear, and made it look like the horns on your head had been growing there for years. Not only did he rigorously work on the attachment method, he designed as many different styles as possible and continues to do so today.

Pan's Devil Horns have now been sold to happy and satisfied customers all over the world including all 50 states in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Israel and Egypt.

Our Mission

PAN, the legendary impregnator of Mother Earth, is inextricably linked to modernity in countless ways, may of which have slipped over time into obscurity. Pan's image has been tarnished repeatedly through cruel misappropriation of legend (Western culture used his image to create the image of "The Devil") but he truly embodies pure energy, active power and unleashed creativity. When understood and treated with respect these forces may be balanced and used for positive works - that is what we strive for at Pan's Devil Horns.

Our goals are to open minds and hearts, to empower the individual, to eliminate unnecessary fear and bring daring and originality back to the world. We wish to meet amazing people and help them find happiness within themselves, to promote soul-health and fulfillment, to enlighten those who shy away from difference, to satisfy each other and ourselves and to bring fantasy back to its rightful place in the modern world. Looking to Pan and his irrepressible spirit for guidance, we will continue to promote better living through prosthetic costuming products (i.e. molded plastic horns), fulfilling our extraordinary desires and promoting energy, passion and love throughout this world.

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Our Future

The following video explains a bit more about how we do things now and where we plan to go in the future.